RTC Products Spin Doctor Tile Leveling System 1/8″ Baseplates 250Pc

1/8”(3 mm) Black Breakaway Spacer Posts Only.250 Pieces

Caps and base plates are sold separately.

Color: Black

Professional installation recommended.

SD18, 0049008865792, 049008865792

Make sure there is direct contact between the Spacer and the Tile with no Mortar in Between. Place the threaded spacer post directly under each Exposed edge of Tile. Place the rotating cap on the top of the threaded spacer post and spin the cap down to the tile surface. Turn the cap as needed until all adjacent surfaces are flush. Once cured the Spin Doctor can be removed by kicking or use of a rubber mallet. Once separated the spacer post can be repurposed as a wall shim or spacer. Anti-Friction shield plate optional.

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