Miracle Travertine / Limestone Chip & Crack Fill Repair Kit w/ Light & Dark Custom Colors 8oz. Dark Filler & 8oz. Light Filler

Dries to a Matte Finish

Increased Durability

Just Add Water, Mix and Apply

Long-Lasting Repairs

Create Custom Colors

TRAV FIL 6/1, 0753927515750, 728131646897

Description: Repairs small holes in travertine helping to create a solid and void free surface. Improves appearance and keeps surfaces easy to clean.Product Features:Repair cracks and holes up to 1/4″ (6 mm) deep and 1″ (25mm) wide. Matte Finish Increase Durability Light & Dark Options Takes Less than 5 Minutes! Covers 50-200 sq.ft. perpint Mixing Guide: Sample colors may vary from actual color. Match color by mixing different combinations of light and dark filler.1.) Make sure surface is dry, clean and free of any foreign surface contaminents, wax, oil, or sealer.2.)Mix materials to the desired color.3.) Apply material to damaged area with putty knife.4.) Clean the excess material using moist sponge.5.) Let material cure 24 hours before allowing traffic. Package Includes: .5 Pint (237 ml) Light Filler .5 Pint (237 ml) Dark Filler Putty Knife Wooden Mixing Stick

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