Hamlite LED TV Backlight 60 65 Inch TV Bias Lighting – 14.5 feet USB TV Lights Strip Behind TV Ambient Backlighting Home Theater Decor, Cover 4/4 Sides TVs, 18 Colors, 10 Dynamic Modes

_xdd25_ [Magical TV LED Blacklight 14.5Ft] Ultra-long length makes the led strip lights a perfect decoration for 50 – 55 inch TV and friendly design covers every side of your TV. Colorful lighting offers you better a visual a home theater-like enjoyment.

_xdd25_ [Custom-made Remote] 18 colors, 10 modes, speed and brightness levels offered by RF remote for TV viewing, Gaming, party, holiday and other events. Memory function maintains your last favorite color and setting. Customize your own lighting, build your own movie theater.

_xdd25_ [Reduce Eye Strain] Multiple bright colors make images more colorful and magical. It also balances the brightness of unlighted wall and your tv PC screen which greatly decreases your eyes strain.

_xdd25_ [Easier and Safe Install] Item comes with light strip, remote. Clean TV, attach LED light strip, plug in, that’s it. 5V 1A power source is required (Check your TV USB before buying), TV light sync on/off with most TVs(Not All TVs).

_xdd25_ [Life-Time Support] Hamlite promised you will get prompt response to 10 hours ! You could purchase one with confidence because all costs covered in replacement process of thisTV LED Backlight (support@savatac.com ) . Buy RISK FREE by clicking on the yellow button ” Add to Cart “or ” Buy Now ” and enjoy high quality of our USB LED Light Strip. Package Contents : 1xPack (14.5FT ) USB LED Light Strip and LED Light Strip kit .

USBTV40M-60, 0743070655960, 743070655960

——-Product Safety Guarantee Declareation——-We guarantee that Hamlite TV backlights has no negative effect on your TV, and we will cover any loss that caused by the TV light.- 1, Hamlite TV backlight went through safety tests, and got CE certificate.- 2, Hamlite has lower-power-protect function, it will enter flash mode to protect TV from damage when the TV USB interface is insufficiently powered.- 3, Please provide us an official fault detection report issued by TV manufacturer when you suspect your TV has been damaged by Hamlite, and we are willing to take responsibility. ——-Troubleshooting——-Q1, Weak adhesive?- Clean the TV mounting surface.- Pre-targeting LED strips mounting location.Q2, TV lights flash randomly after TV off.- TV USB port still be irregularly powered after TV off, and TV lights enter Lower-Power-Protect-Function flash mode.- Please turn the light off by provided remote.Q3, TV lights randomly change its colors alone.-1, Lower brightness.-2, Pair the remote with TV lights.Q4, How to pair the remote with TV lights?- Please pair the remote with lights, if you bought more than one sets of RF remote TV lights.-1, Unplug all TV lights you have.-2, Plug the TV light, and press “Pair” button in 3 seconds when plugged.-3,TV light flash once or twice, then paired. ——-What’s in box——- – 14.5 feet S-type black led strip.- RF Remote, manual.——-Service Guarantee——– 30 days money back.- 365 days warranty.- Text an email tosupport@svatac.com, you will be offered friendly customer support.

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