Edge Supply Red Oak 3/4? X 250′ Roll of Plywood Edge Banding – Pre-glued Real Wood Veneer Edging – Flexible Veneer Edging – Easy Application Iron-on Edge Banding for Furniture Restoration, Made in USA

EXTRA CLEAN “A” GRADE NATURAL WOOD VENEER EDGING – highest grade veneer quality pre-glued, red oak wood veneer edging for repair or enhancing cabinetry, furniture, DIY projects, shelving, crafts and more. Finely sanded to perfection, this plywood edge banding provides a perfect finish to your projects

GERMAN PRE-GLUED HOT MELT ADHESIVE – pre-glued with top-quality, German hot melt adhesive, our veneer edge banding is super easy to apply with a household iron. The extra strong hot melt glue is evenly distributed on the veneer edging for a strong, permanent bond

SUPER EASY INSTALLATION – to apply this veneer edge banding, simply iron on to the surface with a regular household iron at cotton temperature, hot air blower such as a hairdryer on high heat, or an edge banding machine if you have one in your toolkit

PREMIUM QUALITY REAL WOOD VENEER EDGING – this red oak 3/4” x 250’ iron-on veneer roll is all prepared ready for your application. Finely sanded to perfection, this plywood edge banding can be trimmed if required or lightly sanded down to fit.

USE ON A VARIETY OF SURFACES – this roll of iron on edge banding can be stained or painted with a lacquer finish to match your project. Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, this veneer edging is great when applied to wood, plywood, particle board, hardboard or metal

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High quality wood veneer edge banding Wood edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as particle board, plywood, metal or MDF. The veneer edging increases the durability of your project as well as giving it a perfect finish. Real red oak wood pre-glued edge banding Our red oak wood edge banding is pre-glued with a German high-quality adhesive that provides a strong, permanent bond. The glue is activated by heat and will strongly apply this high-quality veneer edging onto your shelf, furniture or DIY project. You will receive 1 roll of red oak wood, iron-on veneer edging with your purchase. Easy to install plywood edge banding The only tool you need to apply this veneer edging is a regular household iron at cotton (hot) temperature. To apply, simply position the veneer edging on the edge of your plywood or other substrate and smooth it with a few passes of an iron. Bandings are impregnated with a high-speed hot-melt glue that creates a permanent, durable bond. How to apply Edge Supply Edging 1. Prepare Surface Edge: Fill any large holes, sand rough spots, remove sawdust, cut edging ½” longer than surface to be covered. 2. Apply Edging: Preheat iron on ?cotton? setting, position edging, slowly press iron over edging, check to see if glue is melting. Note: Use kraft paper or aluminum foil to protect iron bottom. 3. Bonding: While still hot, press veneer down firmly with wood block or roller, If there is a mistake, simply reheat and reapply. 4. Trim Edge: Allow edging to cool completely, trim any excess with an edge trimmer, a razor blade or file, sand smooth and finish as desired. BUY NOW this premium quality, red oak iron-on wood veneer edging

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