eMylo DC 12V 1CH RF Relay Wireless Remote Control Light Switch 433Mhz Relay Receiver with Wireless Transmitter

The remote relay adopts RF technology, with long remote control distance.

The receiving module provides high signal sensitivity at lower cost and resist interference for excellent stability.

The rf relay adopts non-directional wireless encoding technology, allowing independent control without mutual interference.

The programmable rf transmitter and receivers can be flexibly configured in quantity and in operating modes.

It is widely used in industrial control and security fields, such as light, motor, remote controller, wireless security alarm, wireless door alarm, wireless controller, etc.

EBM114B3E, 0707581725239, 707581725239

Input Voltage: DC 12V
Operating Frequency: 433Mhz
Coding Way: Intelligent Learning
Output Type: Active output
Max load: 10A
Ambient TEMP: -30?-70?, Humidity<95%
Factory Default: Self-locking
Board Dim: 45×30.5x17mm
Case Dim: 60x38x13mm

Operating Voltage: 12V
Operating Frequency: 433Mhz
Vibration Resistance: 126
Chip Type: 2260/1527
Modulation: ASK (Stable, less interference)
Encode Type: Bonding pad welding code/group code
Battery Type: 12V 27A(not included)
Remote Distance: 20m (Theoretical value)
Ambient TEMP: -30?-70?, Humidity<95%
Product DIM: 54x30x13mm

Package Included:
2* Transmitter (Battery not included)
4* Receivers
1* English manual

All remote control switch kits support 433mhz frequency, and no interference each other, if you buy many kit and hope for interference, please contact us when you place order.

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