acegoo Wireless Lights Switch Kit, No Battery No Wiring, Quick Create or Relocate On/Off Switches for Lamps Fans Appliances, Self-Powered Switch Remote Control House Lighting (Switch and Receiver)

[ Easy Relocate Light Switch ]: No pulling wires to the switch, no tearing walls, quick remodel existing switches location. Compatible any lamps like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED

[ Create Multi-location Switch ]: Easy create multiple switches controlling one light by pairing multil switches with one receiver. A switch also can pair with several receivers to accomplish a switch control multi lights

[ Switch Can Place Anywhere ]: Innovative kinetic switch no wiring needed, mounts wherever you want in the house range, mounting screws and 3M tape provided for easy installation

[ Save Install Costs and Time ]: No pulling wires, no tearing walls. The switch receiver was wired between power and lamp. Save huge labor and material costs comparing with traditional switch

[ No Batteries Required ]: Adopt newest energy harvesting technology, press switch to produce electricity. No electric leakage problems, water-resistance switch can work in wet environment

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Without Wiring! No Tearing Walls! Quick Create or Relocate ON/OFF Switches for Your Lights!

How Acegoo Switch Works:

Wireless on/off switch kit is consist of switch and receiver.
1.Switch: Self-powered RF transmitter, battery-free and no external power need (Place anywhere in your house)
2.Receiver: Accept transmitter (switch) signal to control power on/off to light. (Wired between power and lamp)
3.Switch sends on/off signal to receiver to accomplish power switching control

A switch can pair with multiple receivers to accomplish one switch simultaneously control several lamps on/off
A receiver can pair with several switches to accomplish multi-way on/off control, like 3 way, 4 way switch, etc

Build Flexible Control Ways:

1 switch kit (1 switch+1 receiver): Create 2-way switch, 1 switch control one light
1 switch kit + 1 switch: Create 3-way switch, 2 switches control one light
1 switch kit + switches: Create multi-way switch, multi switches control one light
1 switch kit + 1 receiver: Create one switch simultaneously control two lights on/off
1 switch kit + receivers: Create one switch simultaneously control several lights on/off


– Works with any lights like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED light.
– 433mhz, transmission distance 300 feet outdoor, 100 feet indoor
– Wide voltage AC85-265v, standard 10 amp, max resistive load 16 amp.
– Encrypted connection, no signal interferences between switches.
– Battery-free kinetic switch, water resistance, 20 years lifetime.
– Switch size: 3.3″x3.3″x0.6″, receiver size: 1.95″ Dia x 0.9″ H

Package List:
1 x Receiver
1 x Switch
2 x Screws
1 x 3M Tape
1 x Manual

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