LCA(TM) Clear, Light Cure Acrylic DIY Surface Repair Kit for Granite, Marble and Porcelain

High quality repairs in minutes

Recommended for damages no larger than a penny

Non-toxic and approved for use in food prep areas

Works great on granite, marble and quartz

Made in the USA

RAL001, 0083832176112, 083832176112

Light Cure Acrylic Repair Kit by HIMG Surface Repair. Why pay a repair professional $100’s of dollars when you can do the repair yourself! Our Clear DIY Repair Kit is a complete solution for making invisible repairs to chips, nicks and scratches on marble and granite areas and pieces. LCA(TM) Clear is a nano-acrylic based and non-toxic. It will not yellow like epoxy. See our step by step videos at Kit Contents: The CLEAR LCA(TM) REPAIR Kit includes a 1g syringe of clear LCA(TM) repair material and a 1g syringe of polishing paste. There is sufficient repair material to complete approximately 10 small repairs. The kit also has 1 micro applicator tip, 1 plastic applicator tool, a polishing cloth, 4 sandpaper sheets, a mini LED light and 1 curing strip. The repair process is easy! 1. Clean the defect and surrounding area so it is free from dust and dirt. 2. Place the application tip on the syringe and apply a small amount of LCA(TM) Clear on the defect area – fill to 105% to limit overfill and to reduce the need to use sanding. 3. Apply the curing strip on top of the uncured patch of the LCA(TM) material. 4. Use the LED curing light to cure the repair through the curing strip. Cure approximately 5 minutes for small repairs, 5-10 minutes for larger repairs. 5. Check that the LCA(TM) Clear material is fully cured and then lightly sand the excess LCA(TM) Clear material from the repaired patch using the yellow sand paper. 6. Then sand the repaired defect using the grey wet sand paper and a little water to remove any excess repair material. 7. Apply the Polishing Paste on the repaired patch. 8. Use the cloth to clean away any dust, while polishing the repair to make it shine. Directions included in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

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