3 Piece Viega Supply Adapter Combo Kit – (2) Viega 46414 PureFlow Zero Lead Brass PEX Crimp Supply Adapter 3/4-Inch by 1 Crimp x Manabloc Supply + (1) Viega 53601 1″ FIP End Cap

Viega 46414 – 2 Quantity

Viega 53601 – 1 Quantity

46414 + 53601, 0685784210045, 685784210045

The 46414 supply adapter is for connecting PEX supply lines to the Viega Manabloc or Viega Minibloc. The 53601 FIP end cap is for capping off one of the 3 inlet / outlets not in use on the Manabloc or Minibloc. Each Manabloc requires either 3 supply adapters or 2 supply adapters and one end cap that need to be purchased separately. Viega PureFlow provides the industry’s most comprehensive selection of PEX tubing, fittings and accessories. Along with a wide variety of PEX fittings, which include both PEX Press and PEX Crimp, Viega also offers the patented MANABLOC water distribution system which helps homeowners realize a reduction in water waste and increased energy savings.

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