24″ X 1″ FIP Heavy Duty Durable Stainless Steel Corrugated Water Flex Connector W/Extra Thick Washers/Ideal for Water Heater and Water Softener

Ideal for water heater/softener connection

Flexible and kink free easy installation

Complies with lead free law

Withstands high pressure at 125psi

Heavy duty washers

DSW8824B, 0849356098268, 849356098268

This heavy duty stainless steel corrugated connector are designed for easy installation of water softeners and residential and commercial water heaters.Install tip: Do not use Teflon tape during install. Make sure the surface where the connection is made is flat and free from burrs and uneven surface. If leak occurs during new install, do not over tighten, instead, take plumbing grease to cover all surfaces of rubber gaskets and retighten. 

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