Milwaukee 48-22-8193 Canvas Zipper Pouch (3 Pack)

WATER-RESISTANT STAND UP BASE: Ideal for working in potentially wet sites like in a basement or outside, you rest assured that your contents will be secured from moisture

A STURDY METAL ZIPPER will keep these bags sealed from the elements. It’s large enough that you can comfortably grip and maneuver while wearing work gloves

HANGING LOOPS allow you to keep these stored on a nail or hook screwed into a wall, or wrapped around your finger while you carry it around the job

TEAR-RESISTANT: The thick material, No. 10 Canvas, is rated to hold up to wear and tear around labor sites

EXPANDABLE BOTTOM allows you to pack this tightly with fasteners, pencils, measuring instruments, small tools, and anything else you could think of

48-22-8193, 0709730202073, 709730202073

There are so many applications for sturdy pouches, found in this offering from Milwaukee, that it?s difficult to begin to describe the amount of utility you would get from a purchase like this. With this three pack of No. 10 canvas bags, you?ll keep whatever you need tucked neatly away, ready for when you need it most. They?re expandable, meaning that you can stuff more in than you?d expect by just glancing at them. They come with hanging loops on the end of the rugged zipper system, as well. This means that you can leave them attached to a nail, screw, or pegboard, readily accessible at a moment?s notice. These loops are color coded, too, so you?ll be able to optimize your organization without resorting to a label maker or defacing the stylish packaging with a permanent marker to differentiate these bags. Keep them high or on the ground. Their bases, when the pouches are full, can stand upright. They?re water resistant, too, so you?ll have extra protection for your tools, fasteners, accessories, and more when the ground is wet. Hook them up to a carabiner to clip to your backpack or tool bag, store them in your garage, or give them to your kid to store their pencils at school. Regardless of your storage needs, with the Milwaukee name, you can be sure of their quality.

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