Handi-Treads NSTR-191 EMW5894647, 3.75 x 30, Black

Our aluminum non slip Tread is a superior solution vs. Non slip grit tape and grip paint and is permanent and not to rust or wear out

A single non slip safety Tread can be mounted to a wood surface in under a minute with little effort using the provided color matching stainless steel wood screws and directions

Our non slip treads are designed to be mounted outdoors on wood Stairs, wood decks, wood ramps, wood marina decks, and other wood walking surfaces that can become slippery and unsafe. Treads can also be used in garages and basement Stairs

Each 30″ Long Tread has 12 (twelve) pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and easy installation

Made in the USA

Please contact Handi ramp directly for custom sizes or colors

NSTR-191, 0630733103039, 630733103039

Handi Treads features an aluminum design that will never rust and is the most durable slip prevention product in the market. It’s easy to install Handi Treads on any wood, concrete or metal surface and comes with wood screws. Handi Treads has a raised button surface that grips on your shoe and provides instant traction, especially in slippery weather conditions.

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