EZ-FLO 10341LF Self-Closing Drinking Fountain Faucet, Chrome

The drinking fountain faucet is equipped with a 1/2 inch iron pipe size (IPS) connection

Features a self-closing valve to provide a secure-tight fit

Constructed of high-impact brass with a chrome-plated finish to resist corrosion and provide extra strength and durability

Equipped with a rotating knob for easy water flow control

The EZ-FLO drinking fountain faucet is lead-free certified and compliant with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) for product safety

10341LF, 0091712399698, 091712399698

Product DescriptionThe EZ-FLO 10341LF Drinking Fountain Faucet is a repair accessory with solid brass construction and chrome finish. It is durable and long-lasting, resisting corrosion and everyday use. This faucet is compatible with most brands of water drinking fountains and it features a 1/2-inch iron pipe size inlet connection. The faucet can be adjusted to optimize the water-flow. Equipped with a self-closing valve. This product is Lead-Free complaiant for safe water drinking.From the ManufacturerEZ-FLO’s Drinking Fountain Faucet is made of solid brass construction for durability. The faucet is activated by a chrome plated handle for adjustable water flow. This faucet is finished in polished chrome and features a self-closing valve.

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