Jura 2-Phase Cleaning Tablets for Fully Automatic Coffee Machines, 18 Count

Each of the 3 packs contain 6 cleaning tablets

For use with Jura fully automatic coffee machines

Phase 1: Removes all inner oil build up in the machine

Phase 2: Seals to protect against future build up

Only one tablet is required per cleaning cycle

, 0736173882760, 736173882760

Ensure your coffee beverages taste delicious cup after cup with this 18 count set of cleaning tablets for Jura fully automatic coffee centers. These two-phase cleaning and descaling tablets work to remove coffee oils and particles built up in the brewing unit and sieve as well as seal the surfaces to help prevent future build up. Intended for use on the Jura automatic coffee machines, the tablets will keep your machine ready for perfect coffee quality and the ultimate enjoyment at the touch of a button. Only one tablet is required per cleaning cycle, so with this set your machine will stay nice and clean.18 Tablets

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