Panasonic FV-MSVK1 WhisperGreen Select SmartAction Module, Automatic Motion Sensor, 20 Minute Timer

Motion Sensor: Make your fan truly automatic with this SmartAction Motion Sensor, which activates your fan when someone enters the room

20-Minute Timer: This module also activates a 20-minute delay-off timer for the ventilation fan

Easy-To-Install: Simply plug the sensor into your WhisperGreen Ventilation Fan and position the motion sensor to begin your automatic ventilation

Plug-N-Play: This Motion Sensor works with Plug ‘N Play equipped Panasonic ventilation fans

Assisted Living: Motion Sensor is ideal for people with disabilities, as well as assisted living environments such as nursing homes and retirement communities

FV-MSVK1, 5448095785559, 885170180062

Product DescriptionThe Panasonic FV-MSVK1 Smart Action Motion Sensor is a module created for the Whisper Green Select line of fans. Panasonic Whisper Green Select fans can be customized by adding one of the brand’s patented modules. Once installed, a fan with this module has innovative and convenient automated motion settings. For one, the Panasonic fan with this Smart Action motion sensor will automatically activate when a person enters the room. It also activates an automatic 20 minute delay off timer. Other modules for Whisper Green Select fans include multi-speed with time delay, condensation sensor and a Nightglow LED night light.From the ManufacturerSmartAction Motion Sensor automatically activates when someone enters the room. Once the settings have been applied, the fan becomes truly automatic, making it ideal for people with disabilities and assisted living environments such as nursing homes and retirement communities.

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