Snake Sandbags Single Self-Fill Kit (6 Foot, Black)

Lightweight – 6 Foot Snake Sandbags requires approximately 22 pounds of sand

Durable -Tear-resistant with heavy-duty reinforced stitching

Flexible – Bend in curves and around corners

Kit contains: Snake Sandbag with Inner Liner, Bonding Adhesive Strips, and Instructions

Made in U.S.A. – Finest Quality and Workmanship

SFK01-BK72, 0617353314366, 798167932615

Not Your Ordinary SandbagSnake Sandbags? are a family of multi-functional sandbags made in a modern design consisting of quality materials that stand up to the forces of nature for residential and commercial applications. When you think of sandbags, you probably envision heavy bags that serve one purpose: to block water. Though effective for preventing vast amounts of water damage, it’s not so useful for the one who has to deal with various situations on a smaller scale. Not anymore. Snake Sandbags? is that other better solution.Lighter. Durable. Flexible. Much more…* Lightweight – 6-foot Snake Sandbags? can weigh 22 pounds. Traditional sandbags can weigh up to 50 pounds. Which one would you rather lift?* Durable – Snake Sandbags? are made out of CORDURA nylon with heavy-duty reinforced stitching and handles the toughest of jobs whether indoors or out.* Flexible – Ever try bending traditional sandbags around a corner? Good luck.* Functional and Elegant – Though Snake Sandbags? are functional, the simple design conveys a sense of modern elegance. Who thought sandbags can be beautiful?* Easy to Manage – Snake Sandbags? conforms to the average hand size for grabbing and lifting easily.* Stackable – Build up by stacking in a pyramid fashion. For example, start with 3 on the bottom, 2 in the middle and 1 on top. Configurations are endless.* Dry Sand – Snake Sandbags? are designed with a sealable inner liner to keep the sand dry (will vary based on usage).* Portable – The form factor and weight allows you transport and utilize Snake Sandbags? wherever you need them.* Reusable – Snake Sandbags? are NOT a disposable product solution and their strength factor does not degrade under the sun.

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