Hug-A-Plug Dual Outlet Wall Adapter, 6 Pack White

Safety: Virtually eliminates damage to electrical cords and plugs at outlets.

Functional: You will be amazed how easy it is to use outlets with Hug-A-Plug. Connect cords in places and ways never before possible.

Appearance: Every cord looks better in a Hug-A-Plug. Try one! They will look great in all your electrical outlets.

Space: Hug-A-Plug maximizes available floor and counter space in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms throughout your home, office or business.

Versatile: As easy as plugging a cord into an outlet. No tools required, no outlet covers to remove. Simply insert Hug-A-Plug into any outlet and its ready. Easily moved from outlet to outlet.

Convenience: Attach cords to outlets behind furniture and appliances.

Quality: Hug-A-Plugs not only look good, they are good. Made in the USA of high quality material to exacting standards, you wont find a better plug anywhere.

DG1.B.6.48-WH, 0853164001112, 853164001112

Hug-A-Plug is an attractive, premium-quality 15a 125v current tap, designed to connect electrical cords parallel to outlet surfaces. It virtually eliminates damage to electrical cords and plugs at outlets. It removes wasted space at outlets by minimizing

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