Suede-Tex Flocking Fiber – Black – 1 LB BAG by Donjer

Spray your project with the color coded adhesive – SOLD SEPARATELY

Apply the matching Donjer’s flocking fibers using the Mini Flocker or Air-Assisted Spray Applicator- SOLD SEPARATELY

Available in 23 different colors

Use on jewelry boxes, model cars, drawers or bottoms of any piece that you do not want to scratch your furniture

Suede-Tex flocking fibers are non-toxic

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Donjer Flock It! Suede-Tex NYLON fiber (cut size .040″ length/3 denier; 1mm/3.3dtex) were added to our product line to answer the needs of the outdoor enthusiasts. A one pound of NYLON is enough to cover approx 60 sq ft (based on reclaiming and reusing). One 3 oz bag of NYLON fibers is enough to cover approx 10 to 15 sq ft (based on reclaiming and reusing) Available in 17+ colors the NYLON fibers are petroleum based and are therefore – – Durable – Weather Resistant – Colorfast …making them popular for outdoor use! NYLON flocking fibers are popular with decoy flocking, rod makers, and race car drivers to reduce the glare from the dashboard. They are also excellent for lining boxes, picture framing, auto restoration, and anywhere the traditional rayon flocking fibers may be used. While the NYLON fibers are durable to handling, because they are very thin the NYLON fibers are still soft-to-the-touch. Available in a variety of 15+ colors. Application of the flocking fibers is identical for both Nylon and Rayon, using the same Flock It! Suede-Tex undercoat adhesive and application equipment.

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