ZEROPLAY Miter Bars by MICROJIG (Double Pack)

Build table saw sleds fast

No slop, side-to-side play or seasonal warping

Top-down installation for easy and fast mounting to jigs, fixtures and sleds

ZEROPLAY Miter Bars will fit ANY standard (3/4” x 3/8”) T-Track miter slot that measures between 0. 73″ and 0. 79″ wide and at least 5/16″ deep

Made in the USA

ZP9-B2S2, 0815267010293, 756655775342

ZEROPLAY Miter Bars are hassle-free, dead-on accurate, and super-simple to use. Build better, more accurate jigs, sleds, and fixtures faster. Your projects will thank you. Create perfectly square crosscut jigs fast. The ZEROPLAY Miter Bar System takes miter bars and table saw sleds to the next level of precision. By using the One-Touch Calibration, you instantly fill the full width of the miter slot for no side-to-side play.Top-down installation lets you keep your sled square to the fence while you secure the ZEROPLAY Miter Bar for a hassle-free setup and precision cuts. Fits any standard 3/4? x 3/8? T-Track Miter Slots, ShopSmith, and General 350 Tracks.Use two ZEROPLAY Miter Bars in tandem to create long sleds and jigs. Handle larger materials safer and more accurately.Includes ZEROPLAY Miter Stop, a reliable and precise hold-down anchors for table saw tops and miter T-tracks. Build custom hold-downs for T-TRACK miter slots. Perfect for accurate repeat cuts for sliding table saw sleds. A must-have for clamping, slotting, stopping, and more. Use for point A and B stops for slotting. Locks woodworking jigs in position.Fits any standard 3/4? x 3/8? T-Track Miter Slots, ShopSmith and General 350 Tracks.Made in the USA. A true MICROJIG Innovation. Watch the Action Video and Add to Your Cart Today! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Work Safer. Work Smarter.

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