Powermate Vx 034-0199RP Pressure Switch

Includes 1-Pressure Switch

Featuring a Proven Durable Design

Offers a Way to Regulate Air Pressure in the Compressor

Utilize when a Compressor Motor is Cutting-Out or Not Turning-On at the Proper PSI

Offers the Known Quality of the Powermate Replacement Parts Line

034-0199RP, 0846212004586, 846212004586

Powermate Vx 034-0199RP Pressure Switch is part of the large line of Powermate genuine replacement parts. A pressure switch regulates air pressure in the compressor. Replace a pressure switch with a new Powermate Vx Pressure Switch if the compressor motor is cutting out or not turning on at the proper psi. Powermate is one of the world’s leading brands of portable and standby electric generators, air compressors, water pumps, air tools, pressure washers, and accessories.

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