Klein Tools 51A Tool Pouch, Utility Pouch for Carrying Nuts and Bolts, with Interior Pocket, No. 10 Canvas, 9 x 3.5 x 10-Inch

Tool pouch for nuts and bolts includes interior pocket

Top sides of pouch reinforced with leather to maintain shape of pouch opening

Inside bottom is reinforced with leather and ventilating eyelet

Metal snaps provided on loops for easy attachment to belts up to 3-Inch (76 mm) wide

Top edge reinforced with 1/4-Inch (6 mm) rope

51A, 7535001549669, 092644620010

Product DescriptionKlein Tools’ Nut and Bolt Pouch is reinforced with leather and rope, which also keeps the shape of the pouch opening. This tool bag has an interior pocket, and metal snaps on the loops for belts up to 3-Inch wide. At 9 x 3.5 x 10-Inch, it is an innovative tool handling solution. Tool pouch’s interior pocket holds nut and bolts. Tool Bag has reinforced inside bottom with ventilating eyelet. Metal snaps on belt bag loops hold to belts up to 3-Inch wide. For more than 160 years, Klein Tools has manufactured premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools that deliver the performance, durability and precision needed to get the job done right. Our family of engineers, workers and craftsman continue to put six generations of expertise into every tool we create by using only the highest quality materials, superior workmanship, and keeping manufacturing as close to home as we can. Klein isn’t just the name of our company, it’s also our family name. And since we’re an American company that’s family-owned and family-run, you know you can count on us to be here tomorrow. Klein Tools doesn’t just make great products, we make great products that stand up to the demands of the professionals who use them every day … Since 1857.From the ManufacturerThe Klein 51A Black Canvas Nut & Bolt Bag is a convenient storage option for nuts, bolts and other small pieces. The 9-inch long, 3 1/2-inch deep, by 10-inch wide bag?s top edge is reinforced with 1/4-inch (6 mm) rope and sides with leather to maintain the shape of the pouch opening, while the inside bottom is reinforced with leather and a ventilating eyelet. Metal snaps provided on loops allow for easy attachment to belts up to 3-Inch (76 mm) wide. Since 1857, Klein Tools has manufactured the world’s finest hand tools.  Today, Klein Tools is the #1 choice among professional tradesmen.  We manufacture more than 3,000 tools and accessories, including pliers, cable and bolt cutters, wire strippers, voice-data-video tools and testers, fish tapes, conduit benders, drill bits, insulated tools, gloves and many other high-quality products. Klein Tools’ dedication to quality and innovation continues with products available for professional tradesmen worldwide.

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