POWERTEC 12.5 Inch HSS Planer Blades for Porter Cable Planer PC305TP, 305TP | 12-1/2? Replacement Planer Knives for PC22562 – Set of 2 | 2 Knives

Includes: (2) premium replacement 12. 5” Planer blades 12-1/2″ X 1/2″ X 1/16″

COMPATIBILITY: Use with the Porter Cable Surface Planer 305TP and PC305TP

Features: reversible steel blades with sharp precision dual cutting edges

Function: new, high quality replacement blades that can serve as an extra set of Planer knives for your 12. 5” thickness planers and woodworking power tools

Quality build: premium high speed steel (HSS) cutting tools designed for durability and optimal cutting

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Product Description Introducing the 12. 5-Inch HSS Planer Knives (2knives) by POWERTEC. These heat treated double sided replacement 12. 5 inch planer knives are made to exceed the OEM product. The innovative manufacturing process begins with the usage of high speed steel (HSS). The blade?s high grade construction provides it with a hardness that is temperature resistant, while offering high wear resistance and anti-corrosive properties. Strict professional machining and quality control ensure superior sharpness, long lasting durability and precision cutting. Double Sided to Last Twice As Long Our planer knives feature a dual-sided double edge blade designed to provide you with sustained planning on each side, before turning them over to the other side. Ultimately, this will help save you both time and money while delivering professional looking results for your woodworking projects. Specs Material: Premium High Speed Steel (HSS) from Europe Size: 12-1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/16″Cutting Edges: 2Blades Per Set: 2Package: POWERTEC Reusable / Storage Case Packaging Product Compatibility These replacement blades can be used exclusively for the Porter Cable305TP and PC305TP Thickness Planer. POWERTEC is a US based manufacturer of high quality woodworking machines, wood work accessories, and a wide assortment of OEM replacement parts. We are committed to exceeding expectations, while bringing the best innovations, technologies, and product development to the industry. From the Manufacturer POWERTEC High Speed Steel (HSS) Knives are made of premium High Speed Steel (HSS) with performance that meets or exceeds OEM product. The manufacturing process started with premium HSS material, followed by strictly professional machining and quality control that ensure extreme sharpness, precision, balancing, and tight tolerance in every piece of “POWERTEC HSS Knife” product. The final Heat Treatment enhances the hardness and durability. “POWERTEC High Speed Steel (HSS) Knives” stay sharp and last longer than conventional product. We guarantee that “POWERTEC High Speed Steel (HSS) Knives” meet or exceed OEM quality and industrial standard.

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