SNAIL SAKK: Mail Catcher for Mail Slots – TAN. No Tools/Screws Necessary! Space efficient, Reduces drafts, and More! for Home, Office, and Garage Doors. | Basket, Letter Cage, Door, Bag |

SNAIL SAKK is an original invention created many years ago to help mail slot users everywhere with the only space efficient solution to catching their mail–no more bulky baskets or cages! Great for home, office, and garage doors!

ATTRACTIVE and strong yet soft to the touch. Made of sturdy, machine washable, microfiber suede (non-animal) with nice embroidery. A quality product that fits all standard mail slots – magazine and letter sizes!

EASY INSTALL – no tools needed! And no nails/screws used means no holes put into your door. The strong adhesive strips and large capacity sakk allow for a hefty amount of mail too (high quantity & up to 10 lbs of weight)!

REDUCES DRAFTS and protects your privacy. The fabric lays over the mail slot opening, which helps to reduce drafts. And because the product is opaque, peeking eyes (criminals and peeping toms) can’t see into your home via the mail slot!

BONUS: A FREE letter opener with magnifier and ruler included in every package!

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Thank you for your interest in an original Snail Sakk mail catcher!___ATTRIBUTES: 1) Catches the mail & holds it neatly above the floor; 2) Easily installed – No tools necessary! And no holes put in door. 3)Fits all standard, horizontal mail slots – magazine & letter size (plates up to 15.75″ wide x 4″ tall); 4) No bending down to pick up mail (especially helpful for those w/ mobility issues); 5) Made of quality, soft yet sturdy, machine washable microfiber suede (non-animal) w/ embroidery; 6) Comes in several colors – from vibrant to neutral; 7) Keeps mail away from foot traffic, water seepage under the door, & out of sight/mind of most pets (NOT PET-PROOF–see recommendations below.); 8) Space efficient yet holds a hefty amount of mail (high qty. & wt. up to 10lbs); 9) Blocks seeing into home thru the slot & conceals mail from visitors; 10) Easy, one-handed access to mail from either side or by pulling down a top corner; 11) Reduces drafts & can be used w/ draft excluders; 12) Great for home, office & garage doors!___BONUS: FREE letter opener w/ magnifier & ruler in every package!___CONTENTS: 1 Snail Sakk (16.25″ x 21.75″); 2 adhesive hook fastener strips (14.25″ x 1″. ea.); 1 letter opener w/ magnifier & ruler (4.29″ x 2.8″).___RECOMMENDATIONS: 1) Best on horizontal mail slots; not vertical; 2) Place fastener strips about 3.75″ apart (leeway up to 1/2″); 3) The strips adhere well to common door surfaces (metal, wood, vinyl, etc.). They endure temps from -4 to 212?. Apply to a surface that’s clean, dry, & devoid of unstable paint; 4) To dissuade PET INTERFERENCE: consider training (positive reinforcement/ultrasonic/Bitter Apple spray) or using a baby gate to block the area; 5) For more tips, please go to our main website.___DISCOUNT: Buy 2 Snail Sakks (any colors) get 10% off w/ claim code Q2ZICGHA.___CONGRATULATIONS: You’ve made a great decision in purchasing this unique, useful & aesthetic product! Cheers! Camie (the wee inventor) & Sammy (the mighty snail).

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