TransTint Dyes, Honey Amber

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Dyes can be mixed with water for an economical, nonflammable stain

Mix with alcohol for a fast drying, non-grain raising stain

Dyes can be added directly to water-based finishes and solvents

Not for exterior use, 2 oz. bottle yields about 2 quarts of dye-stain

, 0653341440129, 653341440129

Concentrated dye solution makes it easy to apply beautiful color to your project. Available in 19 colors . 2 oz. bottle. Mix with water for an economical, non-flammable stain or with alcohol/ lacquer thinner for a fast drying, non-grain raising stain. For use as a finish toner, simply add the dye concentrate to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. All colors are intermixable to produce custom shades. Ideal for tinting woodworking glues, touch up and repair work, and adjusting the color of pre-mixed stains. 2 oz. bottle produces about 2 quarts of dye-stain. Not for exterior use.

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