Dremel EZ545 1-1/2-Inch EZ Lock Diamond Wheel,Silver

The Dremel EZ Lock makes accessory changes easy as pull – twist – release

Cuts 1/2-Inch thick floor tile and ceramic materials

Cut off wheels make straight cuts with little dust

Use with Dremel EZ Lock Mandrel EZ402

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EZ545, 6623545307782, 080596027490

Product DescriptionThe Dremel EZ Lock makes accessory changes easy as PULL – TWIST – RELEASE. The one-piece mandrel design simplifies the process of changing cutting wheels and makes it easy to cut through plastic. For use with the EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel.From the ManufacturerDremel EZ lock is the fastest and easiest way to change mandrel-mounted accessories. The patented one-piece mandrel design means that no screw is needed to hold the cut-off wheels in place which means no more screw to lose and no more wrench to tighten. The new EZ lock cut-off wheels last two times longer than current cut-off wheels. The new system even makes it easy to change wheels while you’re wearing work gloves. Dremel EZ lock cut-off wheels are labeled for easy identification and can be used for cutting metal conduit and PVC piping, reslotting screw heads and removing rusty nail heads.

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