Southwire 55669023 Primary Wire, 14-Gauge Bulk Spool, 100-Feet, White

100-Feet of single strand primary wire

14 gauge white

Pvc outer-jacket resists water, oil, chemicals and abrasion

Suitable for projects on cars, trucks, boats

Handy spool size is convenient for many different projects

55669023, 0032886852664, 754335591152

Product Description 100′, white, 14 gauge, primary wire, durable PVC outer jacket resists water, & chemicals, full gauge, stranded copper for higher current carrying capacity, use for headlight circuits, cigar lighter to switch, gas gauge, to coil, radio to fuse lock, vehicle electrical systems at nominal voltage of 60DC V, 25AC V, or less, SAE standards, rohs Compliant, spool. From the Manufacturer Coleman Cable 14-100-17 14 Gauge, 100-Feet Primary Wire, White This wire is engineered to handle the harsh environment of an automobile engine, the durable PVC outer-jacket resists water, oil, chemicals and abrasion. You can use it on your boat, for audio wires and your car.

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