AMERIMAX HOME PRODUCTS 70006 6-Inch x 50-Feet Galvanized Flashing

The product is 6″x50′ Galv Flashing

Easy and simple use kit

The product is manufactured in China

Composed of hardened, galvanized steel

Quick, easy repair for roofs and gutters

Immediately stops leaks

70006, 0049821700065, 049821700065

Product DescriptionThe product is 6″x50′ Galv Flashing. Easy and simple use kit. The product is manufactured in China.. Elegant design and finish.From the ManufacturerAMERIMAX HOME PRODUCTS 70006 6″x50′ Galvanized Flashing. 6″ x 50′, Galvanized Roll Flashing .010, Designed For Base Flashing, Counter Flashing, Deck Flashing, Hip Flashing, And Many More Applications.

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