Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable – 6-Feet, 120 Volt, Built-in Thermostat, Low Wattage – 31006

Built-in thermostat – turns the cable on at 38 degrees F and prevents frozen pipes to -50 degrees F – simply wrap on, insulate and plug in. Insulation sold Separately.

Press-to-test button – exclusive feature to test cable before or after installation.

Energy efficient – uses up to 65% less energy at 2 watts per foot vs Other cables at 7 watts per foot.

Use on all Rigid pipes – PVC, CPVC, Copper and metal pipes.

Made in the USA

31006, 0037841310067, 037841310067

Product DescriptionPrevents frozen water pipes to -50F. Simply wrap on, insulate and plug in. Engineered for use on metal and rigid plastic pipes. Uses an exclusive Press-To-Test button so you can test the cable before installing. A built-in thermostat turns the cable on at 38F. Proven low-wattage design uses up to 65 percent less energy at 2 watts a foot vs. other cables at 7 watts a foot, and protects to -50F. An exclusive power sensor light glows when the thermostat is closed. Each package contains one ready-to-install pipe heating cable along with installation instructions. To install, you will also need PVC/electrical tape, fiberglass pipe insulation, a tape measure and eye protection. Warning: This cable has been designed for the sole purpose of preventing metal and rigid plastic water filled lines from freezing. DO NOT use this product on fuel lines, drain lines, hoses or buried pipes. Fiberglass pipe wrap is required to complete the installation. Read and follow all instructions. Cables are available in various lengths. See chart to determine the length required for your application.From the ManufacturerPipe Heating Cable – 31006 6-Foot Ul Pipe Heating Cable

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