2202 Water Pump Attachment

machine: power drills

plastic case

version: self-priming

hose connection: 12,7 mm (1/2″)

shank: ø 6 mm

2202000, 4051709616258, 798256146299

Attached to a power drill, this self priming pump will pump up to 1,300 litres (285 gallons) of liquid per hour. It has flanges at the base to allow it to be permanently mounted on a board.Specification:Throughout: 1,300 litres per hour 285 gallons per hourMaximum priming height: 15mSelf priming height: 3mHose connector: 1/2 in Dry running limit: 30 secondsNote: all pumps should be mounted on a board. 2202 Water Pump Attachment

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