Siemens W0204ML1060U 60 Amp Outdoor Circuit Breaker Enclosure

60 Amp

Circuit breaker enclosure

2 space, 4 circuit

Main Lug – breaker not included

Outdoor rated

W0204ML1060U, 0783643322202, 783643123748

Product DescriptionSingle phase, 3 wire, solid neutral, 2 spaces and 4 circuits maximum 1-pole, 1 QP breaker maximum 2-pole, 120/240 volt AC. 10,000 AIR. With closure plates, HS style hubs sold separately, uses ECHA075 (694.3559) Hub. One piece plated aluminum bus bar. 100 percent circuit breaker twistouts. Will not accommodate 2-pole GFCI or circuit breaker with shunt trip. Positive load side circuit breaker hook rail. When used as service equipment, any unused neutral position may be used for equipment grounding. Rotate entire device 180 degrees for bottom feed. Gray enamel finish. CSA and UL Listed, complies fully with NEC and UL requirements for Class CTL. 5″ x 8″ x 4-1/4″.From the ManufacturerSiemens circuit breaker enclosure is rated at 60 Amps max and will accept a variety of breaker options. Two single pole breakers, one double pole breaker, or four 1/2-inch frame breakers with a total Amperage of 60 Amps. The enclosure is outdoor rated. Breaker not included.

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