Bostik 10220 Aerosol Top-Cote

Prevents rust

Table and tool surface sealant

Dramatically reduces sliding friction

Better than wax

Repels dust, dirt, and moisture

, 0747224058010, 747224058010

Product descriptionTop-Cote spray is a powerful anti-corrosive, low friction, durable coating, as well as a sealant. Use it on your table saw top, jointer bed, hand tools, or any metal surface for maximum protection against friction and rust. Top-Cote is low temperature rated and is formulated specifically for surface coating.From the ManufacturerTop-Cote table and tool surface sealant helps your hard working tools work harder. Dramatically reduces sliding friction and allows you to handle heavy sheets of wood like they were floating on air. Repels dust, dirt and moisture. Cannot ship by air.

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